Cinematic 4K Corvette Video

This is a short Cinematic Video I made of a Corvette Stingray. Shot in 4K and edited using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Griztronics vs DAMN - Visuals

I made these visuals using a combination of Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Resolume. I started off in Photoshop where I edited the original album cover to remove some elements and then tiled it to a 16:9 ratio to make the base background used in the visuals.

Next, I used After Effects to make a custom dynamic background visual an infinite tunnel effect to use throughout the video.

From there I used Resolume to create clips and banks of transitions and programmed the effects I wanted to use. I took my time here to make sure the transitions and effects matched up with the beat.

Lastly, I imported it into Premiere Pro for final touch ups and to tie everything together.

Oh and the track used is an edit of JOYRYDE’s song, Damn mashed up with the GRiz and Subtronics track, Griztronics. I heard JOYRYDE play a similar edit at a show and that inspired me to make my own rendition using Ableton Live.

DJ Visuals

This is a short custom DJ visual loop that I made using Resolume. No audio is a part of the video. This could be looped while a DJ performs. I used the DJ name “bass code” because it ties in with an artist project website that I put together at

Blanke - Death Rattle Audio Reactive Video

I made this audio reactive video using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. I started by opening the original album cover in Photoshop and trimming out the leaf to make it a separate layer. Next I blended the background of the album art where the leaf was and used that as my background layer. From there, I moved into After Effects where I used the audio keyframes and transients to automate the scale of the leaf. A simple and cool way for artists to upload audio tracks to YouTube.

Dynamic Visuals

Here are some of the visual elements I created in Adobe After Effects to use with the visual software, Resolume.